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Today websites have become a required commodity for doing business almost anywhere in the world.  Bob Horn (left) and Guy Daniels (right) started Value Added Websites in July, 2011 based on the understanding that every websites should literally "add value" to its enterprise.  Because of the remarkable technology available, web development and operation can be interesting and even successful for the "do-it-yourselfers" out there.   But as soon as the business owner decides that his web presence is important enough to hire professionals, we believe we can maximize that value. 

Bob was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before embarking on a 30 year career as a programmer, business analyst, project manager, and consultant.  He enjoys the ongoing challenge of making websites and mobile apps function as an integral part of a business's critical success factors.  

Guy has been programming since the eighth grade.  After two years of community college, Guy began a long and successful career as a programmer and systems analyst working with Microsoft development software, large systems and databases.  For the past eight years, he has refocused these talents on web-based Content Management Systems, databases, and client-side languages and tools that make websites "pop."   What makes Guy happy is working with clients to make beautiful websites that are easy to use. 

Bob and Guy worked together as team in systems development for 10 years at Airborne Express (DHL) in Seattle prior to starting Value Added Websites.