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Creating Effective Websites

Your website is like any other marketing tool.  It must reflect what is unique and special about your business, service, or organization.   To be effective, it must have reach and provide results in terms of sales and functionality.  And it must be dynamic.  To create these websites, there are three essential components ...

  • Good design
  • Careful construction
  • Continual improvement


Good Design

Good design starts with a clear understanding of your business model, its market (or audience,) and measurable objectives.  In the best circumstances, it is a collaboration that makes us a business partner.  And as with any good architecture “form follows function.”

  • Specification of site objectives and technical requirements
  • Content description (site maps, thumbnails, outlines, wire frames)
  • Layout and theming which may include any or all of …
    • Interactive graphical design (e.g. Artisteer)
    • Data driven design
    • Responsive web design (aka “mobile first”)
    • 960 Grid System for specialized designs
    • Template customization (TemplateMonster, etc.)

Careful Construction

Careful construction requires an understanding of the best technical options available within budget and time constraints to render the site.  But the collaboration continues as the client provides content and feedback. 

  • Open-source and hosted platforms - Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Ubercart, Magento, Volusion
  • Customizations - PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, ActionScript,
  • Databases - MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle
  • Integrated SEO, RDF, Semantic Web, XML sitemapping


Continual Improvement

Continual improvement means a commitment to the dynamic nature of the site and its need for care and feeding.   We handle the operational maintenance but keeping content and data current is part of the collaboration.  Plus, we will help you analyze performance to objectives, add new functionality, and take advantage of new eMarketing opportunities over time.  

  • Security Review and Upgrades
  • Google Analytics (Measurement to Objective)
  • eMarketing Campaigns
  • User-Managed Content